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4 weeks of personalized coaching for women who want to change careers and get into tech.

Two situations.

Both very common. Both equally frustrating.

Do either of these scenarios apply to you?

I have a dream, but I need a plan.
I have a dream, I have a plan, and yet… I’m still stuck.

All of the pieces are in place. Yet you’re struggling to take action. Some days you’re motivated. Other days, it’s all just so overwhelming. You need someone to check in with you regularly to hold you accountable to your plan.

There’s a job you really want. The vision is clear—what’s not clear is how you’re going to get from “here” to “there.” You know that there are a ton of things to learn, but where to start? You need a strategic plan.


Do you recognize yourself in either of the scenarios that I just described?

Maybe even both of them? Does it feel like your dream tech job is so, so far away? 

If you’re feeling frustrated about your career—because you feel lost about what your calling is, because you need a plan, or because you feel stuck and overwhelmed—then I’d love to coach you.

We can do 4 weeks of coaching [check out the details down below] to get you moving much more quickly towards work you really love.

It might take some work. It might require courage and lots of tiny steps. But it’s doable.

My name is Bettina. I’ve reinvented my life and career many times over: I’ve been an English teacher in France, worked in the art world at its center in New York City, and taught yoga in Berlin after training in India. Now a digital product manager in Berlin, Germany, I love helping my clients find meaningful, exciting and lucrative work that gives them many options in the future. 

How does coaching work?


Step 1. 

Contact me using the form below. Tell me about your current situation. Tell me about your dream job too, if you know what it is at this point.

Step 2. 

I’ll collect a bit more info from you via email, send you the payment information[check out the details down below], and then… away we go! Our 4-week partnership includes 4 phone calls with me (coaching, planning, exploration, about 60 minutes each time) plus a detailed follow-up email after each talk where I’ll outline your action steps for the week ahead. Each week, I’ll also check in to see how you’re doing. If you feel stuck regarding any of the steps that you need to take, we’ll exchange emails and discuss solutions until you’re back on track.

Step 3. 

At the end of our 4 weeks together, I will ask you:

Are you feeling more hopeful about your career?
Do you feel like you’ve made real progress over the past 4 weeks?
Do you feel clear about what you need to do next?

If your answer to any of those questions is, “Not really,” then I will give you an additional 60 minutes of my time at no charge, so that we can do an extra coaching session to resolve whatever’s coming up for you. We won’t part ways until you feel excited and empowered.

Pricing & Things to Know



You will have personalized “homework assignments” throughout the 4 weeks that we’re working together. I might “assign” you to make a proposition to your dream company even if they’re not hiring. (They might be.)


I will push you to be a little more gutsy and courageous than, perhaps, you are used to being. It’s OK if you’re introverted. I am too. You can be “quiet” and “courageous” at the same time. Unlocking the door to your dream career usually means doing things you haven’t tried before. I’ll be right there with you, providing tons of encouragement at each step.


For 4 weeks of coaching—everything I’ve described above—you’ll invest $395 USD. You can pay all at once or in weekly instalments of $110 via Paypal. Your first payment is due on the day that we begin our 4-week partnership.


Contact me using the form below. I’m happy to answer anything on your mind.

Let's get started! 

I’d be thrilled to help you to find (or create) the tech job that you really love.

With the right attitude and the right strategy, you can get your first tech job.





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