Hi, I'm Bettina


The problem I have been solving all my life is how to reinvent myself.  

I've changed careers...more than once. 

After I got my master's in art history, I was working in the art world for years before I realized that I wanted a job where I was constantly learning, an industry that gave me more career options, and an income above the starving artist special. 

In 2013 I went from working in the art market to being a digital product manager in one year, and I've been growing as a product manager ever since. 

I'm passionate about increasing diversity in tech.

Volunteering with Rails Girls, Open Tech School, and ClojureBridge showed me that after getting the hard technical skills, some people need support and coaching in the soft skills of landing their first tech job.

This course compresses all my knowledge and experience to give you the shortcuts on getting your first tech job.

Bettina shifted my perspective to see that people quit jobs that are no longer right for them every single day and that it’s ok to value my future and choose my own career path.
I felt stronger after seeing a bigger vision for my career. In the long term I look at myself and what I have to offer professionally totally differently.
I knew how to get a job in investment banking, but I had to adapt my job search strategy for the tech industry after finishing a coding bootcamp. Because Bettina has made the career change herself and completely understands what I was going through emotionally, I was very excited to be learning from Bettina.
After we started working together, I learned how to present my previous work experience as relevant for the tech industry, how to take the stress out of the job hunt, and how to cut through the noise to find the best opportunities. I’m very happy to say we achieved all that and more!
With a clear plan and a clear story to tell, I could focus on the execution. I noticed results almost immediately:
Hiring managers were all of a sudden very eager to talk about my previous experience.
The number of interview invitations for the best jobs increased massively.
My interview success rate improved enormously.

I’m very excited to have accepted an offer to start work as a Backend Engineer!
— Donna Zhou
I wanted to see how a career changer could get into tech, and Bettina helped me to see my skills and previous experience in another light and to make my story consistent regarding how to position what I did in my previous non-tech job to relate to backend development. In addition, Bettina showed me how to be more optimistic, how to quantify my skills and achievements (really important, but really difficult as well!), and to talk to more people working in tech. I found that the tools / worksheets Bettina created were great.
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